It was wonderful. We appreciate the expertise and we appreciate approachability and we appreciate humanness with which the journey unfolded because certainly this journey can be represented in a very sterile way. And it was so nice to be able to work with Kent as a fellow Hoosier and feel like we are interfacing with people in our Community. Thank you.

Sandy & Kat in KK InvestCo Testimonial
Sandy & Kat

The process was very easy. It was seamless. Kent honored my request. I wanted to go quickly. He was fine with that from the start to finish. He was professional, respetful. We’ll work with him soon.


It was easy. For one thing, made it where to trust you, and that’s very important. And everything went just so smooth. You answered all the questions that we asked, so it was a good thing.

KK InvestCo   Steve & Linda Testimonial
KK InvestCo Testimonials Steve & Linda

Very easy process. Kent just brought everything over, explained everything, went through it, checked up with us often, made sure everything was going smoothly and here we are on closing day.

KK InvestCo Sam Testimonials
The Sellers

It was great going well. Just working with Kent made go everything really smooth.

KK InvestCo David & Jekwies Testimonials
David & Jekweis